Monday, March 27, 2006

Candida Home Remedy: Relief from your Medicine Cabinet and Kitchen Cupboards

Candida is irritating, this is a fact that all women would agree with. I don’t think there is really any female who has Candida that would be happy to have them. In fact, at the first sign of Candida, all of them would be scampering for treatments and remedies.

Candida is also a source of embarrassment for some women. That’s why most of them would resort to a Candida home remedy to get rid of this annoying infection.

While Candida is neither life threatening or a deadly medical condition, they can be a source of disappointment and anxiety for many women and the handful of men who do experience Candida as well.

A Candida home remedy could be various methods using natural common things found in the house. For one, cultured milk products applied in the infected area is very efficient. This is because these cultured milk products contain probiotics, good bacteria that kills yeast, the main cause of Candida. Yoghurt is one of those that have those probiotics.

Garlic is also known to have medicinal properties that helps provide relief to Candida infected persons. Apply freshly sliced raw garlic in the area daily for about 4 to 6 days until the symptoms are gone.

Your diet is also a great way to prevent and cure Candida and is considered as a Candida home remedy relief.


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